Large Pink Elephant Ear Plant

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This handcrafted statement art houseplant is also known as the Alocasia plant or the African Mask plant.

It's colourful pink arrow shaped leaves and eye catching red veins brighten and add personality to any interior space.

In its natural form this species of plant is toxic to people and pets and requires a specific care routine. Our handmade botanical sculpture is the perfect colourful alternative and requires no maintenance.

Available in 3 different sizes to meet your individual interior needs. 

Large plant contains: 2 small, medium and large leaves and one large grey handmade paper pot. Total plant height approx 43cm, pot diameter approx 13cm. As these are handmade each item will vary slightly.

Handmade paper pot can be added to purchase but this plant will happily live in any pot you choose. Gravel not included, we like to use aquarium stones or dry alternatives such as standard gravel, rice, pules or kidney beans.

Payments are captured at time of purchase. The plant is then carefully handmade and shipped within 14 days. Please see our Shipping Policy for delivery information.