Statement Art Houseplants

Plants with personality, no maintenance required. Blending the worlds of art and nature in your home.

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Quality and Craftsmanship

These sculptural art pieces are lovingly handcrafted in our North London studio. Each style of plant is unique, with its own intricate details and colour patterns. Every leaf comprises layers of artisan quality cut paper, assembled by hand in a delicate and skilled process. Every material is carefully considered, fine detail and quality at the forefront of everything we do. The end result is a unique tropical houseplant that blends the worlds of art and nature in your home.

Plant Parenting Simplified

Our collection of handcrafted houseplants require no maintenance or upkeep. Tropical plants normally require a specific care routine, needing just the right amount of natural light, humidity and water to avoid a botanical graveyard. They are often toxic to pets and tend to attract plant pests and disease.

Our statement art houseplants have been designed to thrive in all settings, brightening up any space regardless of the season. Our plants are fiercely independent and make no demands, making them well suited to modern city living and busy households. They're self sufficient so even the most lax plant parents can holiday in peace.

Extraordinary Gifts Delivered

We create delightfully different botanical art for you or your loved ones, delivered to your door.

It’s our mission to be kind to the environment and as sustainable as possible, so our plants will arrive in secure, environmentally friendly packaging. We ensure that every time you order from Brazen Botany you and your loved ones receive an elegant and everlasting handmade celebration of natural beauty, making this a unique gift that you won't find in the natural world or your local plant shop.

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